What is a Gunite Swimming Pool?

Gunite pools use a rebar framework that is sprayed over with a concrete and sand mixture. Gunite is exceedingly durable, so swimming pools made of this substance are built to last. The versatility of Gunite swimming pools means the ability to create an array of shapes and sizes.

Does Radiant Pools specialize in structurally engineered swimming pools?

Radiant Pools have built unique and exhilarating swimming pools hundreds of meters above the ground, against the steepest cliffs and in the most precarious places. Our unique engineering skill and expertise ensures that nothing is impossible.

What is a Fibreglass Swimming Pool?

A fibreglass pool shell can be most simply defined as a pool that is made all in one piece and that is directly installed in place either above ground or in ground. The shell is made in a special mould within our factory. The Fibreglass Matt and Resin is applied to the mould and allowed to set before being delivered to site. The size and shape of the fiberglass pool shell will depend on the mould used but you will find that several different sizes and shapes are available.Click Here To View Site

Should I choose a Gunite or Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

Neither is superior this depends entirely on your requirements e.g. Do you want a unique Size and Shape? Then Gunite is best option. Would you require a pool with less maintenance? Then Fiberglass is the best option.

Do you do come out and do free quotations?

Yes, we will gladly come to your premises and provide you with an onsite, hassle free quote in the convenience of your own home.

Do I require any building plans before installing a Swimming Pool?

Generally speaking, the local municipality requires a plan to be submitted in order to approve the construction of a swimming pool on your property. We will undertake this stressful task on your behalf, all we need is a copy of your building plans

Does Radiant Pools cover all aspects of Swimming Pools?

Yes, we undertake everything related to swimming pools from idea, conception, construction, delivery, renovation and maintenance.

How do I contact Radiant Pools?

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